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In order to supplement missions funding, Linda had posted these pieces of artwork for sale. All proceeds go to Missions projects in Central America and Southern Mexico. Remember Linda is at this time legally blind due to retinal damage. Order by email.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Linda Kelly-Nothnagle is today legally blind. After years of being an artist by trade and a missionary by heart, illness stole her vision and doctors pronounced her situation as incurable, progressive and eventually fatal. Instead God chose to reverse the irreversible disease. After years of struggle the Lord has restored what the doctors could not.
     She was born again into Jesus Christ from deep sin in 1984 and made her first missions trip in 1991. She spent many years executing missionary excursions and escorting groups on short term trips into various areas of Central America and Southern Mexico.
     She is now able to return to art as a means to raise funds for missions work. Her goal is to enter Cuba as soon as diplomatic relations will allow it.
These works are from a collection of pastels “Dahlia’s,  Daises and Hibiscus”. These renderings of enormous brilliant blooms  symbolizes her rebirth of  service to the Lord through her art.

Pink Daisies in Bud
12x10 Dark frame
 Blue Dahlia 2
12x16 Oak frame
Lavender Dahlia 1
5x7/8x10 w/o frame
Blue Dahlia 1
5x7 Gloss Black frame
3 White Callas
14x16 Off White frame
Neo Red Dahlias 
14x16 Dark frame
Windflower 1
5x7  $14.00
8x10 $25.00 
  White frames
Mixed Dahlias
12x24 Black frame
Pink Hibiscus
asst. frames
5x7 $14.99
8x10 $19.99
9x12  $24.99
16x20 $43.99
Yellow Dahlia
''5x7 White frame19.99

Yellw Dahlia
5x7 Green frame
Neon Orange Dahlia
9x12  Med. Brown frame
              Coming   in                 October:  Custom order  painted glassware
safe) and placemats  (Wipe clean ) . Motiffs             such  as            grapes,    
poinsettas, sunflowers and any artwork
you see
 in  Artworks in this entire page.
One of a Kind Special
matching Hibiscus Placemats
Wipe clean
Oil on Linen Canvas
12x18    $65.00/4
Green/Blue Peacock Feather
Black frame
12x16  $34.99
Purple Hibiscus
5x7 Black frame  $19.99